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RFID has become one of technologies increasingly playing an important role for our daily life where it has been utilized in various applications, for example, in an industrial sector relating to Track and Trace, supply chain management, transportation and logistics, application for security purpose for building entering/exiting, traveling ticket, lives stock business; especially for traceability purpose to ensure reliability and to reduce cost for traceability. Development of RFID technology, presently or in the future, has shown potential and other facilitating factors in which it can be expected that this technology will sooner or later affect Thai people’s daily life.

RFID Testbed claims itself as an integrated center for coordination and a place for demonstration RFID technology, either from domestic and foreign sources, including hardware, middleware and application software in order to test and evaluate potency and feasibility for application of such technology. It also helps the entrepreneur or other persons interested in RFID technology in accessing to one-stop service for providing knowledge and solution about various forms of technology. It is a testbed for actual situation to assess probability of using such technology in different circumstances and to evaluate reliability question of the system. In addition, RFID Testbed will extensively collect various guidelines for applying RFID technology for the visitors.

Moreover, RFID Testbed also provides the following services:

  1. Exhibition center for products related to RFID technology
  2. Knowledge center building upon inviting for testing of systems and products including providing response to FAQ and knowledge sharing for relevant persons. It is further aimed to be RFID hub in the future.
  3. Providing testing on performance and issuing testing report
  4. Providing testing on compatibility of applications

Electromagnetic compatibility and radio wave scattering tests are not within its scope of service

Operation procedures of example system shall consist of 4 working systems as follows:

  1. Tag commissioning
  2. Conveyer read point
  3. Simulated warehouse
  4. Portal/Dock door
  5. Point of Sale

The target users of the Testbed are classified into 4 major groups as follows:

  1.  End users group
  2. Application developers group
  3. Middleware developers group
  4. Hardware developers group; only those develop:

    • Host Interface Protocol connecting to computer or computer network
    • Components Interface connecting to other equipment in the system such as sensors, alert, alarm signal etc.

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