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Thailand is agricultural country, but the original. Population, 65 percent of occupations related to agriculture. Be divided into several aspects of livestock and crops, including processing of fisheries products from these In both industrial and household level (OTOP) of the current global food and energy crisis. Agricultural products can be used to reduce the shortage of world food and energy as well. Especially this year in food and energy prices have increased a lot. It is a good chance it can be said of Thailand, or that The Golden Age of Thailand Also known as the Green Gold "green gold" that will never run out again. It can produce its own cycle of production each year. And Thailand will have more income from the product of each year.

Thailand is a country that produces more food and a variety of world-ranked. Since rice, tapioca, chicken, various vegetables, seafood, including shrimp, canned food with a large number of consumers. That can be exported to foreign countries each year to hundreds of billions of Baht And is likely to have increased much more. If a system of inspection and traceability effective. A reliable buyer of the country around the world.

In this age of borderless communications technology that enables the traceability of the Internet much easier and faster, so Thailand needs to develop a traceability system is urgent. Both in the public sector who are responsible for promoting and coordinating state control to state In the private sector is a direct manufacturer and exporter. Include five countries of Thailand buyer confidence in Thai product. Because of its review process in steps. Technology-based private sector can do themselves such as technology, RF ID, or various types of microchips. Various sensor technologies. And software that connect to these devices. On the other hand. If Thailand had no system of traceability standard. Thailand will lag behind other active partners. Currently being developed to compete with Thailand at this time. Thailand will lose the opportunity to lead the delivery of food from the world's most Despite leading at this time, so cooperation between the government and the private sector is a key factor that will make Thai move forward steadily and sustainable.
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