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“RFID” technology is one of the latest technologies of the world which has been interested in and increasingly used by many countries. Presently, RFID technology has become more involved in our daily life via many modes of application such as underground ticket, Employee ID card, car key (electronic immobilization), production for track and trace in the industry, supply chain management, inventories management and distribution, transportation by tracking the container during being transported (e-seal), application for traceability for enhancing performance and cost reduction in food industry (Food Traceability). Development of RFID either in the present date or in the future has shown its potency and facilitating factors which can be speculated that this technology shall play an important role for modern pattern of business management and provide more convenience for our daily life and ultimately lead us to more fully IT-base society.

RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”, a wireless Auto-ID system which has increasingly gained popularity until the present date. It is used for identify character of any object or person by applying radio wave and differs from other technologies such as barcode, fingerprint scanning etc. RFID contains capability of protecting data security. The first invented RFID equipment was known to be produced in the year 1945 for the purpose of intercepting signal from an airplane to differentiate allied one or enemy’s one which was quite different from current application.

The most important aspect of RFID technology is the capability of identifying character of objects. If we simply consider 2 pieces of the same product e.g. 2 pieces of canned fish etc., the external appearances of such product such as label, color or shape would be minimally different from each other or otherwise identical. However, they actually or totally differ from each other such as

  • Different sources of raw material
  • Manufactured from different factory or from different lots
  • Retailer has bought them from different distributors
  • Different shipper or shipped on different date

Generally, such above mentioned will not be noticed from the external appearance of each can but inform us about differenced between the two can. It is therefore able to say that each object in this world has its individual character which make it differed from other objects. RFID technology will therefore play a major role in this regard.

To apply RFID in practice, it is required to consider some limitations for application such as electromagnetic field in the environment or relevant laws governing the use of radio frequency and power in each country.

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